Datalogic SpA is an Italian company working in the automatic data capture and process automation markets.


The Datalogic Jade™ X7 is a revolutionary, high-performance checkout ideal for bulk purchases. It features automated scanning of barcodes and product images, allowing customers to place items in any position on a conveyor belt. As items move through the scanner, barcodes are read from all sides, including the bottom.

"We globally serve Retailers' Automatic Identification business needs, from Distribution Center to Checkout and Store Environment, with an innovative and unique portfolio of products and solutions, backed by personalized customer service."

Retail Solutions

Distribution center

Datalogic technology powers automated receiving systems, increasing the speed and quantities of items processed for retailers. With the help of vision systems, sizers, smart cameras, fixed readers and more, orders are received, items are identified, labels are printed, and palletizing and cross-docking are performed.

Safe, fast and accurate conveyor systems include multiple belts for high-speed product movement. These conveyors need Datalogic sensors, vision systems, smart cameras and fixed readers to accurately identify items and ensure they are shipped to the correct storage unit.

With thousands of items being transported to distribution centers, retail stores and directly to consumers, retailers rely on Datalogic solutions, including handheld scanners and data collectors, to help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of product collection. Order shipping is facilitated through data collected for packaging and application of shipping labels. Vision systems, smart cameras and fixed readers ensure accurate labeling for fast and efficient shipping and delivery.

E-commerce or traditional retail operators need to effectively move items throughout the warehouse to meet delivery deadlines and keep the customer satisfied. With thousands of items to manage, automated sorting is a requirement. Datalogic’s sizing, sensor and vision system solutions identify and sort packages in high-speed transport systems. Standard real-time recognition technology identifies products and packaging, aiding in sorting decisions.


Datalogic’s data loggers, industrial imagers and readers keep inventory accurate. Inventory tasks including receiving, picking, turnover and restocking are performed effectively and efficiently with devices designed for the warehouse environment, preventing employee burnout.

Warehouse inventory management takes place at a fast pace and in a harsh environment demanding accurate up-to-date information for maximum efficiency and profitability. Datalogic’s mobile computers, vision equipment, and industrial readers maintain accurate inventory.

Tasks including receiving, picking, rotating and restocking are performed effectively and efficiently with devices designed for the warehouse environment, preventing employee burnout. Datalogic’s data collectors maintain accurate inventory while making work easy and intuitive for employees.

E-commerce has changed the landscape of the amount of returned products that retailers need to process. Datalogic has unique solutions such as the automated reading Jade portal developed to process the receipt of returned products, both at the production and shipping levels.

Store management

Missing shelves or a low number of products on display leads to lost revenue and low customer satisfaction. Retailers keep their shelves stocked so products are available for purchase. Datalogic mobile computers and handheld readers are intuitive to be easily operated by retail workers and have ergonomics that keep them productive all day long.

Operations require retail employees to perform a variety of tasks to manage inventory. Price checking, marking, inventory research, replenishment, order picking, and more are performed effectively and efficiently with Datalogic’s mobile computers and handheld readers.

Only Datalogic can offer a complete self-shopping solution that allows consumers to directly scan their products while shopping. Shopevolution™ middleware and Joya handheld together help retailers increase revenue and cut checkout costs. Shopevolution provides a better shopping experience and also supports the customer in using their smartphones while shopping.

Retailers need as much store space to display products that generate revenue. When consumer demand increases, generating long lines at the checkout counter, adding more cashiers is not an option. Datalogic’s queue-busting solutions provide retailers with the ideal tool to handle seasonal demands. The Joya Touch queue reduction device is easy to implement and reduces checkout lines without changing the point of sale.

Point of sale - Checkout

depend on their product assortment and checkout setup. Datalogic has a complete offering of point of sale solutions for fixed use at the counter or by hand reading. These readers provide fast, accurate and reliable scanning at the checkout of any retail company.

Locations where large items need to be identified. Frequent checkout impacts will not reduce reader performance or reliability, protecting the retailer’s investment.

As the global market leader in fixed point-of-sale readers, Datalogic provides retailers with maximum innovation and technology. The Magellan line of fixed readers is used by the world’s ten largest food retailers and was the first to offer supermarket checkout imaging technology.

self-reading Jade portal provides 360° scanning of items as they pass through a high-speed conveyor belt. The system identifies items regardless of orientation, with or without barcodes.

Manufacturing Solutions


Vision systems, handheld and fixed readers are used for DPM code/text identification for item verification and traceability purposes.

Datalogic security solutions provide access control and operator protection in robotic production cells through a safety light barrier.

The task at hand (WIP) is monitored through Datalogic stationary scanners, vision systems and industrial handheld scanners throughout the production process.

Automotive parts require end-to-end traceability. Industrial handheld scanners, smart cameras and Datalogic stationary scanners scan parts and components during vehicle assembly.

Datalogic’s smart cameras and vision systems detect, inspect and verify the presence and position of components, eliminating the need for manual inspection.

Robotic and laser guidance are provided by Datalogic machine vision systems and cameras to maximize precision and safety in automated production.


Datalogic handheld scanners identify the component cartridge and the proper insertion location, ensuring correct assembly.

Datalogic vision systems inspect position, alignment and assembly with high precision measurements.

A wide variety of materials including plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium are permanently marked by Datalogic’s laser marking systems.

Direct Part Marking (DPM) engraved directly on materials is validated by Datlogic vision systems, ensuring code readability and assembly traceability.

Datalogic Safety Light Barriers maximize production while preventing operators from getting injured.

Parts and subassemblies are continuously monitored by Datalogic’s smart cameras, vision systems and fixed readers throughout the production process.


Automated machinery

The automatic application of barcode labels is verified by Datalogic’s ID reader and smart cameras that confirm data consistency and security standards.

Datalogic’s industrial handheld scanners are used to configure machines for barcode operation.

The operator’s safety is guaranteed by light barriers, while access to the material is allowed thanks to the muting function.

Fast machines with limited space rely on Datalogic’s smart cameras and miniature sensors for detecting small parts.

Throughout production, Datalogic stationary scanners monitor items to ensure integrity, user safety and efficient collection management.

Labels are inspected to ensure they are in the proper position and orientation, and that they include the correct barcode and information.


Item aggregation is verified by Datalogic stationary scanners that scan barcodes on pallets and large boxes.


Bags and packages are manually inserted into an automatic storage system with Datalogic’s industrial handheld scanners.

A wide variety of Datalogic solutions, including handheld scanners, smart cameras, stationary scanners and mobile computers provide error-free processing of storage operations.

Datalogic reading solutions for refrigerated environments provide full traceability throughout the supply chain.

High-speed conveyors transport products past Datalogic stationary readers and provide flexible and robust identification, supporting the shipping process.

Laser scanners avoid any collision by slowing or stopping the vehicle in the presence of operators or obstacles.

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